Akeju,UISU President.

Findings have revealed that Mr. Akeju Segun, the Students’ Union President, University of Ibadan, may have removed comments in support of the reinstatement of Ojo Aderemi, the former Students’ Union President, University of Ibadan.

Ojo Aderemi was suspended due to non-production of the Students’ identity card by the administration of Prof. Olayinka Idowu, the former Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan, among other students’ welfare issues.

Akeju had earlier stated he was ensuring the reinstatement of Mr. Aderemi, who has been out of the school for two years but did not include efforts made to resinatate Ojo Aderemi in his achievement speech.

Students and alumni of the institution had renewed their efforts to reinstate Ojo Aderemi, and other suspended students’ activists, and Unionists on campus.

Below comments have disappeared on the University of Ibadan Students’ Union group on Facebook, but The Conscience Post was able to produce the screenshot.

‘’ Now I believe what Kayode Bello said about this administration. No justice can be delivered to Ojo Aderemi,

‘’I expect the struggle to be included in their challenges. But it seems it’s not a challenge for this administration. Akeju keeps mute on the matter,’’ expressed Agboola Emmanuel Oluwabukunmi Bookmite.

This came after Akeju posted the achievements of his administration, but omitted efforts aimed at reinstating Aderemi, who was suspended due to students’ struggle of 2017.

Screenshots of Akeju’s post on his administration’s achievement reads:

Further search whether the post by Akeju and the corresponding comments on Ojo Aderemi’s reinstatement would be on the Facebook group revealed the following screenshot that the comments on Aderemi’s reinstatement had been removed:

It should be recalled that Ojo Aderemi and Mr. Akeju faced the Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC) at the same time, but Akeju was freed by the Committee while Ojo, and other Students’ Union principal officers were suspended and none of them is yet to resume studies in the University of Ibadan.

The Conscience Post had earlier reported how Mr. Akeju disappointed the Queen Idia Hall political aspirants who complained of electoral malpractices in the Hall of residence.

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